About us

About us

Restaurant TERRA

The name of our restaurant describes the philosophy based on products grown in our fields, in gardens, orchards and vineyards, animals raised by our farmers. We believe that food should capture its origin - the soil, the climate, the region and the people who grow it, breed it and prepare it.

On our farms we raise cattle, sheep, pigs, poultry and game. Our fields, orchards and gardens produce fruit of the highest quality and quality every year. The suppliers we work with are very responsibly selected to provide you, our guests, with the most selected ingredients. Building relationships with farmers, growers and local producers is one of our top priorities.

Jasová 739,
941 34 Jasová,

E-mail: info@terrajasova.sk
Tel.: +421 917 264 062

Facebook: @terrajasova
Instagram: #terrajasova


„From farm to table"
guaranteed freshness

As gastronomes, we are directly responsible for supporting these individuals and picking up the fruits of their work by preparing great meals. The phrase "From farm to table" takes on a completely different dimension in our restaurant.

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Every season
seasonal menu

The use of seasonal ingredients maximizes the quality of taste and freshness. We believe that the menu should change according to the seasons, so that we can make the most of what nature has to offer, whether it is spring, summer, autumn or winter.

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This is the approach we take care of you, and you become the center of our attention and experience. Our chefs take care of every culinary detail and bring the best fruits of the land and the hard work of local farmers to the table. No detail or element can be more or less important.

Great food is not what satiates you. Great food is a trip to sources of pleasure that you may have forgotten and to places you have not been before.

After all, a great feast is not just about food and good wine. A great feast is an emotional experience. We try to fill it with a beautiful place, filled with staff who take care of it as their home, where we value every guest very much.

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